A Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Interact On @fuellabs_ Beta-2 Testnet

3 min readJan 11, 2023

Potential #Airdrop

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Fuel is the fastest modular execution layer, delivering maximum security and highest flexible throughput

Here Is Our To Interact To Be Eligible For Potential Future Rewards!

First We Would Be Needing To Install Fuel Labs Wallet Visit https://fuels-wallet.vercel.app/docs/install/ & Click Download Fuel Wallet, Next Visit Chrome Extension & Be Sure To Turn On Developer Mode, Now You’re To Drag The Zip File You Downloaded, To The Extension Page, To Install The Wallet

You’d Be Redirected To Create A Wallet, Write Down Your Seed Phrase & Click Next, Then Set Your Preferred Password

Your Wallet Should Be Created Successfully & You Should Be Able To Find It On Your Extensions

Next Let’s Get Faucet, Visit Your Wallet & Click On Faucet, Youd be Redirected To Another Page, Tick You’re Not A Robot & Click GIVE ME ETHER, You Should Receive It Asap

Next Visit https://fuels-wallet.vercel.app/docs/how-to-use/, Scroll Down & Click Connect & Click Connect In Wallet

Let’s Make A Swap, Visit https://fuellabs.github.io/swayswap/ & Click Launch App, Then Create Wallet, Next Tick That You’re Not A Robot & Click Give Me ETH, Your Wallet Should Be Successfully Created, Agree To The Terms & Click Get Swapping

Now Set Token To Swap i.e ETH-DAI, Set Amount To Swap & Click Swap.

Next Let’s Add Liquidity To Pools, Move To Pools, Click Add Liquidity , Next Set Amount Of Liquidity To Be Added & Click Add. Liquidity, Should Get A Notification That Liquidity As Been Added.

If This Thread Was Helpful Please, Here’s A Few Task You Should DO To Eligible For A Drop

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