4 min readMar 13, 2023

Today We’d Be Discussing On How To Deploy A Smart Contract On Shardeum Network To Increase Our Chances For A Possible Airdrop

First You’d Need Add Shardeum Network To MetaMask, Click Add Network & Select Add Network Manually, Now Fill In The Following Information Below & Click Save

Network Name: Shardeum Liberty 1.1


Chain ID: 8080

Currency symbol: SHM

Block Explorer URL:

Next Let’s Get Faucet Go to , Then Click On “Tweet Now” You’d Be Redirected To Twitter, Now Before You Tweet, Edit The Message & Add Your Wallet Address, Now Tweet The Message & Copy The Tweet Link Then Go Back To The Faucet Page

Now Paste Your Tweet Link At The Empty Bar, Once You’ve Pasted Your Tweet Link, Click On Request SHM

You Should Receive Faucet Soon, Proceed To Check In Your Wallet

Next Up Visit & Click On Create New File, Set A Name For Your File, It Should End With .sol For Example Ronaldo.sol

Now Copy This Code & Paste On Your File & Click Ok

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.17; // Specifies the version of Solidity, using semantic versioning.

contract Ronaldo { // Defines a contract named `Ronaldo`

string public message; // Declares a state variable `message` of type `string`.

constructor(string memory initMessage) { // Constructors are used to initialize the contract’s data.
message = initMessage; // Accepts a string argument `initMessage`.

function update(string memory newMessage) public { // A public function that accepts a string argument.
message = newMessage;


After Pasting Code Be Sure To Edit “Ronaldo” To Your File Name

Next Go To Solidity Compiler & Click Compile Ronaldo.sol, It Should Be Done As Soon As Possible

Next Go To Deploy & Run Transtraction, Be Sure To Be On The Shardeum Network, Under Environment Tab Select Injected Provider — MetaMask & Click Deploy, Then Confirm Transaction In MetaMask

Now Scroll Down & Click On The Contract You Deploy, Type A New String Message Like “Hey Ronaldo” & Click Update, Then Confirm Transaction In MetaMask

Next Up Click Message, You Should Notice That Your Contract Has Been Updated

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