3 min readMar 10, 2023

Today I’d Be Covering How We Can Deploy A Contract On Scroll To Increase Our Chances For A Possible Airdrop.

First, Be Sure To Be On Scroll Alpha Testnet Network & Ensure You Have Some Faucet To Cover Gas Fees, Now Visit

Click Accept & Click On Next For Every Other Pop Up

Now Click On Default Workspace & Select Create A New Workspace, Set A Name For It I.e Scroll Workspace & Click Ok

Next Click On The Icon Just Below The WorkSpace, Next Set A Name For Your File i.e “Scroll.sol” Then Click Enter

Next Up, Go To Scroll.sol file & Paste This Code

pragma solidity 0.8.17;

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

contract JEZFinance {
string public name = "Jez Finance";
string public symbol = "JEZ";
uint8 public decimals = 18;
uint256 public totalSupply = 10000000000;

mapping (address => uint256) public balances;
address public owner;

constructor() {
owner = msg.sender;
balances[owner] = totalSupply;

function transfer(address recipient, uint256 amount) public {
require(balances[msg.sender] >= amount, "Insufficient balance.");
balances[msg.sender] -= amount;
balances[recipient] += amount;

Then Click Ok

Move To Solidity Compiler & Click Compile Scroll.sol

The Contract Should Be Ready In 30secs

Now Go To Deploy & Run Transactions, Then Select InJected Provider — MetaMask & Connect Your Wallet, Be Sure To Be On Scroll Alpha Testnet, Next Click Deploy & Confirm Transaction In MetaMask

You can check back in your MetaMask To See If The Contract Has Been Deployed

That Would Be All For Now

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